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The freehand drawing could be threatening, and painting could be a depressing mess. But this some step tutorial merges trouble-free painting information and easy strategies to ignore any freehand drawing to make an uncommon and modern portrait of your pet.


According to painting lounge, here are some supplies given:


Many of these supplies are accessible at arts and crafts stores or other department stores:

  • Digital picture of your pet, it should be a clear, well-lit picture
  • Printer
  • Art paper or another surface to paint on. Be creative
  • Pen or black marker
  • Soft art pencil, for example, 6B
  • Paint brushes
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Paint palette and if you wish you can apply a sheet of wax paper like a substitute


Step 1: Paint the Background


Select a paint color for the background. It will work well. Because the ultimate painting will primarily be single color including shadows and highlights, select a color which both contrasts well with black and it gives a nice look hanging on your wall.

After selecting your favorable color, paint the whole background of your art paper.

During the time that’s drying, move onto the next step.


Step 2: Edit and Print the Picture


Editing your picture might be the twist part of this project. Your purpose is to get a photo of your pet that contains a very high level of contrast with strong shadows but is also yet easily recognizable.


Go after these steps by applying for a photo editing software program. Now crop your photo so that your pet covers up the whole picture.


  • Transform the picture to black and white.
  • Level up the contrast of your picture.
  • Make suitable the mid-tones, highlights, and brightness as needed to get a photo that is primarily black and white you can apply fewer shades of gray also.
  • Toss your photo horizontally, making a creation of a mirror image of the original.
  • Print the photo. Relying on the size of your painting, you need to print the picture on numerous sheets of paper.

To ignore losing so many information at the time of editing your pet’s picture, consider the eyes. If you have darkened the photo so much that it can no longer visible the iris, then it means you’ve lost so many information and have to pull back in the shadows. If your pet’s iris is forever very dark, consider another part of the fur or nose as a threshold for appearing.


So, as per paint and sip nyc, these are some points need to follow your pet painting.

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