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If you are looking for a space to organize party events, we can help you with that. We have architecturally distinctive space to host events such as engagement parties, official parties, wedding parties and family gatherings. Our expert team can provide you with adequate space and develop a comprehensive plan for your party events. We provide sip and paint party that range from private social gatherings to large-scale corporate events. Our venue is totally transformable and uniquely modular. It has a full range of inventory of furniture, decorative items, and fabrics to create a brand-oriented or personalized party event.

Our event space is well equipped to host parties like wedding receptions, holiday parties, cocktail parties, pop-up dinners and corporate events. You will get optional benefits to serve your guests with drinks, beverages, and snacks by our skilled baristas, on a request basis. We have separate catering facilities and our bar is always stocked with wine, beer and coffee menu. We also welcome outside caterers as per your request and according to the party event in our space. We have employees that can work for your party events to serve drinks, beverages and food items. They can also help you with the cleanup process, once the party gets over. Our venue is pre-wired for lighting, electric and sound elements, to make your parties happening. You just have to tell us your party plans and number of guests to be accommodated, and we will deliver our event space as per your desire.

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Art Exhibit

In recent years, online platform has been used as art galleries, to showcase your talent in front of the entire world. However, a new trend has already emerged to visit various art galleries and admire the art in person. If you are looking for a perfect space to conduct an art exhibition and showcase the talent to the public, we can provide you with the exact space. Our event space can be totally transformed into an art gallery that will definitely appeal to the target audience, who can admire the art in person. Our venue can be used as popup galleries that will allow you to host temporary art exhibitions. You can decide the number of days to run art exhibitions, as we have all the resources to let you conduct exhibition for a day, few weeks or a month.

We can help you with deciding the theme for your art exhibition and customize our event space according to that. We have a huge collection of templates and designs that will help you to proceed with your design plan necessary for your art exhibition. Our team will assist you in preparing a budget plan to conduct art exhibition event, to ensure its success in a less expensive way. We have customized packages for renting our space for the art exhibition that includes rent, equipment installation and deinstallation, heat and air conditioning upgrades. It will also include furniture, staffing, insurance, cleaning, temporary alarm and smoke systems.

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Many organizations are coming up with the ideas of a fundraising event, as it is a convenient way to conduct fundraising, along with providing some entertainment to the donors and keep them engaged. If you are looking for a space to host a fundraising event, we can provide you the space setup to maximize your functionality and make the event successful. If you want to conduct a non-profit fundraising, we can customize our space and services that will engage your donors and encourage them to have a good time. Our team will customize the event space as per your theme for fundraising and will suggest you new ideas to engage your donors.

Our event space will make use of various signages that can be easily located by your guests. This signage will carry information that will direct your donors to particular section such as coat check, bidding tables, bidding items and bathrooms. As our fundraising space is big enough, we will provide these hanging signs to direct your guests or donors. In this way, your guests should not get confused or need to ask every time to visit certain sections. We will provide more auction signage to direct your donors towards the bidding tables. If you are also planning to host a dinner gala for your guests along with this fundraising event, we can provide seating and catering facilities. We have a huge stock of circular tables that will enable your guests to move around and encourage conversation during the fundraising event.

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Business Meetings

Our event space can be transformed into urban-contemporary space for conducting corporate and business meetings. If you want to host a business meeting and looking for an industrial building with high ceilings and natural light, we can customize our venue into it. The best thing about our event space is that it has a parking garage nearby, and hence your guests won’t have any issue with car parking. Based on your guest list, we will make the proper seating arrangements, with individual name plates against each guest. The meeting space will have special business amenities such as a screen, projector, speaker system and microphone.

Our event space is having a huge stock of office chairs, highboy tables along with linens, small and large rectangular tables. We also provide complimentary equipment that you may need for conducting office meetings and events, such as laptop or PC and onsite Wi-Fi support. You can avail our optional catering service that offers drinks, beverages, and snack items. As your business meetings are likely to happen mostly during the daytime, our event space can be utilized for creating a small lunch party. Besides the business meeting event, your partners or guests can enjoy having a great lunch session, after the meeting hours or during the break in between. We have employees who can help you with the technical setup for your business meetings such as arranging the screen, projector, and speakers. We will provide helpers to serve snack, drinks, and beverages for your business clients during the meeting.

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We rent our event space for other parties and events as well. If you are looking for hosting events such as birthday parties, anniversary parties, girl’s night out parties, bachelorette parties, or any other gathering events, we can provide you the appropriate space. If you are looking for conducting a theater event, our event space is well equipped with state-of-the-art lighting, digital video, sound and film projection technologies. We also provide professional to work with you and create events for art, social, non-profit, plays, concerts, and film screening.  We also provide spaces for photo sessions, pre-production, theater workshops, film and video shoots. We have studio spaces that are suitable for you if you are looking for add making events.

To make these events successful, we can provide enough space to accommodate quite a huge number of guests. With our event space, you will get a unique site to host any event that involves lots of guests or visitors. We have our own catering facility to serve your team and guests with beverages, drinks and coffee menu. We also provide lunch and dinner services, on a request basis and reasonable charges.  Your private parties can be easily customized as per its theme. You will get enough privacy and all facilities under one roof if you rent our event space.  We have tie-ups with many artists and performers, who can make your events even more attractive. You can get access to local artists to provide entertainment for your guests, at reasonable prices.

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